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If you suspect an unattended death, you should call the coroner as soon as possible. To determine the cause, the coroner will perform the required testing. This process can take up to six weeks. Protect your clothes and clothing from contamination during this time. To prevent contamination, you should wear a smock and apron. It doesnt matter what cause, you must clean up the accident scene in order to prevent further injury. If you dont have the right equipment, unattended death cleanup could be very dangerous. Those who do it without the proper safety gear may be exposed to dangerous biological material, such as bloodborne pathogens. You could also cause more damage to your property if you arent careful. Therefore, it is important to contact a professional who knows how to handle these situations. There are many services available to help with such a difficult situation. Unattended death cleanup can be extremely hazardous if you dont know what youre doing. The presence of biological materials, such as blood and tissues, can make it dangerous to work on the scene. It can also cause property damage, and potentially even infection. You should contact a professional biohazard cleanup service to have this process handled by professionals. These professionals will not only clean the scene but also ensure that its safe for your family.

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